Art made of wood - design & carving

Woodcraft is a craftsmanship and the cornerstone of our business.

Here at Bosnic ART we strive and live by the same principles, combining solid craftsmanship with modern technology. Works of art are made out of wood.

Thus, we offer our customers wooden artworks that are inherently beautiful and made in Bosnia according to a long-standing tradition, a skill that is passed from generation to generation. Because only with real passion and great passion do we set the cornerstones and produce sustainable, high-quality art from the raw material wood.

The world cultural heritage of wood carving in Bosnia is a witness to many years of history, tradition, which is alive with shapely decoration. We continue this craftsmanship by processing classic materials with the latest technologies and combining them with traditional carving craft. This creates objects that meet our highest standards and give our customers pleasure for as long as possible.

Wood art and the choice of materials that starts it all

The beauty of our woodwork lies in the colour, pattern and quality of the wood we make it from. Choosing the best wood is therefore our top priority. We pay particular attention to ensuring that the properties of each selected piece of wood optimally match the design of the work of art.

In addition, the individual work steps are expertly coordinated with one another so that the design appears to be of one piece and no compromises have to be made in terms of quality.

We mainly work with local oak and walnut wood, which comes from renewable sources.

Because the densely forested areas in the Bosnia region are an ideal place for the natural procurement of the best wood.

Due to the nature, resilience and hardness of the wood, we mainly work with it

Modern technology of wood processing combined with proven methods

From start to finish, our wood artists put their passion for woodworking into every single piece they make. Traditional methods are combined with the latest technology, a combination that allows us to produce the highest quality at an affordable price.

Our carvers lend a hand with a fine blade and refine our objects with a practiced eye until the quality meets our high standards. Each individual object is sanded by hand after processing, so that every single detail of the work is shown to its best advantage.

In addition, our 3D designers are constantly developing new, shapely reliefs that reflect individual situations from everyday life and evoke memories in the viewer. Because from our point of view, art is something that has to stimulate thought and reminisce.

Wood art and objects on customer request

We also manufacture individual wooden art objects on customer request . We convert many of our customers' ideas into real objects. The only technical limits to the creativity and inventiveness of our customers are usually the only ones. However, we do everything in our power to turn our customers' ideas into reality. All the more so because a customer advertisement, a wooden logo in the entrance area of ​​a company, a customer gift or even a birthday present made of wood, implemented with high quality, is a lasting memory. Talk to us about your ideas.

How we produce