produces high-quality handicrafts made of wood

Bosnic.Art is passionate about the processing of wood. In doing so, we continue the art of wood processing that has been developed in Bosnia for decades in our family business. Carving in Bosnia-Herzegovina is a folk art and is passed on from generation to generation. Here, over the years, rural carving has developed into a craft that can hardly be found in this form anymore. From this long tradition, Bosnic.Art has been producing high-quality art on the domestic market for years, often in connection with hunting. In addition, Bosnic.Art is also known for the production of special customer objects, because turning ideas into wooden art objects is our greatest passion.

Wooden art from Bosnia factory

Wood carving and hunting are inextricably linked

Because not only wood carving is widespread in Bosnia, but also hunting has a high social status, these traditions have been closely linked for generations. Because in Bosnia, hunters experience real, original hunting in natural forests. The locals hunt deer, wild boar, foxes, jackals and bears. Through the combination of dense forests, beautiful landscapes and deep-rooted craftsmanship, a real handicraft developed in the shadow of the hunt in terms of trophy boards , wooden pictures , wooden rifle butts .

In this environment of hunting and carving, Bosnic.Art has been established for many years. The resulting pieces of art are made from only the finest materials with a great deal of effort and passion. For this reason, the works that have their origin in Bosnia are often copied, but only very rarely equaled. Because the product always delivers the soul of many years of experience and high technical skills. The pieces are not only characterized by the beautifully finished look, but also smell of the dense forests of Bosnian nature.

Bosnic.Art opens the market for Bosnian woodcarving

We at Bosnic ART are all the more pleased that we can open up access to the very isolated Bosnian market for our customers. Because this quality and workmanship deserves to be seen and experienced.

While Bosnia's history has been heavily challenged by many impasses, the arts of woodworking have always been preserved. Because as early as the 18th century, the Habsburgs recognized the high quality of craftsmanship from Bosnia. Many of the pieces from that time are still admired by thousands of visitors in well-known museums. The art of carving in Bosnia, which also produces our beautiful trophy plates, has made a name for itself among true connoisseurs worldwide.

It is therefore not surprising that UNESCO has designated the Bosnian art of carving as an intangible cultural heritage. Our products are characterized by the best quality of materials, high-quality workmanship and extensive knowledge of how to work with wood. Unrivaled in quality and often copied. Trophy signs from Bosnic ART directly from the stronghold of carving art.

Bosnian Art and the future

In addition to the high-quality boards for the hunting trophies, Bosnic.Art today also produces wooden murals, cutting boards, high-quality objects on customer request and various accessories such as rifle butts, knife handles and much more. Because the wishes of our customers are very broad and due to the high level of professional competence of our craftsmen, carvers and designers, we are able to fulfill many of our customers' wishes in the field of wood art at interesting prices.

quality and craftsmanship

since 1989

The Bosnic family has been producing high-quality handicrafts for the regional market for years. We have finally circumnavigated the many obstacles that allow us to sell the products worldwide today.

We look forward to this new experience and the reactions of our customers.