Collection: Trophy Boards - Craftsmanship from wood

A trophy board adorns the conclusion of a successful hunt. In our shop you will find high-quality works of art made of walnut and oak, which provide an appropriate setting for every trophy. In addition, we are constantly developing new motifs that are developed in a lengthy process and then carved out of a noble piece of sustainable wood.

Trophy signs - the art of tradition and love for wood

In our range of trophy boards you will find the right product for every hunting motif. We are working flat out to develop more exciting motifs for every taste. Because it is very important to us that we can offer every single hunter and every hunting trophy the appropriate setting in order to come into their own.

In addition, our trophy plates are available in different sizes, which guarantees the perfect fit for every hunting trophy .

Thanks to the detailed processing of our craftsmen and the use of a wide variety of techniques, we can deliver the highest quality at an affordable price. Because it is important to us that only the combination of the highest quality wood, which guarantees longevity, and impeccable craftsmanship leaves our workshop.

Trophy boards that draw attention

The long-lived tradition, the professional processing and the attention to detail enable us to put hunting trophies in the right light. We attach great importance to the details, which include all aspects from the elegant packaging to the practical hanging of the trophy plates. Because only a completely satisfied customer is a happy customer. And we don't offer any works of art that we wouldn't want to hang up in our hunting room ourselves without compromise. In addition, we are our biggest critics when it comes to the quality of work. For this reason we are extremely pleased that we have carvers and craftsmen who go to work with the same attention to detail as we do.

You can see how to hang up our trophy signs here .

In addition, we also produce special trophy plates with reliefs according to customer requirements. Talk to us about your wishes.