Walnut wood - the finest variant

Bosnic.Art only processes walnut wood of the highest quality. The robustness, the noble appearance and the grain are hallmarks of walnut wood. In addition, the wood of the walnut tree is one of the noble woods in Europe and is often used when it comes to high-quality furniture for interior design.

Walnut is considered the finest wood for domestic use. For this reason it is used for luxury interiors and furniture and can even replace tropical wood.

walnut wood origin

Walnut wood has spread to southern, western, and central Europe from the Middle East and Central Asia. When walnut trees are grown, mainly shrubs are planted that bear the fruits - walnuts. In California and France in particular there are large plantations where walnuts are harvested. Although walnut trees are very valuable, they are rarely grown in forests for timber. Walnut wood comes primarily from fruit trees harvested on plantations. Only the wood of the "true walnut" is referred to as walnut, while the term "walnut" encompasses different types of walnut trees.

Appearance of walnut wood

The color of walnut wood can vary from light gray to dark brown or blackish brown. The grain is very lively and is characterized by a pronounced texture that can be striped or irregularly wavy. If you cut them at an angle, fine tongue-like patterns form in the walnut kernel. Pores are visible in the surface of the walnut. The fibers of the wood can run irregularly.

What are the characteristics of walnut wood?

Walnut wood works very little and therefore hardly warps. Due to the irregular grain, walnut wood is difficult to split and is prone to cracking. Walnut is also very dimensionally stable. Among the native woods, walnut is one of the heavy woods and is very hard and strong. The processing of walnut wood is unproblematic and can be carried out both manually and mechanically. Walnut is easy to saw, cut and peel and is excellent for carving and turning. The surface treatment is also no problem. It can be excellently stained, matted and polished. When walnut comes into contact with iron, it can turn blue or black under the influence of moisture. Outdoors, walnut is not very weather resistant, but it is resistant to wood-destroying insects.

Use of walnut wood

The most valuable walnut wood comes from the roots of the tree. They are used to make veneers and are also known as root veneers. Since walnut is one of the most exclusive types of domestic wood, high-quality products such as furniture for exclusive interiors are made from walnut. Walnut is used as a veneer for all types of furniture, but also for wall and ceiling paneling, doors and floors. Since walnut wood is easy to work with, it is also often used for fine turning and carving work, e.g. B. for chessboards, plates, boxes, candlesticks or inlays. In the automotive industry, walnut is a popular finishing wood for exclusive car brands. Walnut wood is also popular as a substitute for tropical wood.

We use the high-quality walnut wood for our trophy boards, wooden pictures and wooden accessories.

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