Collection: Carved wooden images for decoration

Wooden pictures as wall decoration for your bedroom, kitchen, hallway, children's room or living room are an eye-catcher and give a pleasant atmosphere indoors. The natural grain and surface structure create a sense of well-being and warmth that only wood can. In addition, there are practically no limits to your imagination when working with wood. In this way, creations can be made that adorn your room in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, in portrait or landscape format.

Wooden pictures carved as wall decoration

Whether vintage or multi-part models, whether abstract staging or rustic designs, we have a wide range and also produce special one-offs on customer request.

Because whether you are comfortable in a modern city apartment or a farmhouse, we even have exciting wood designs on offer for the designer loft. We are always looking for new motifs for our customers. For this reason, we attach great importance to high quality wood, an authentic and natural look, different types of wood and also different sizes and formats.

We love wood because of its many facets, because no object is the same as the other, since the grain, the structure and also nature with knotholes or other signs of the times always have an influence on the objects, each of our works is unique.

In our wood prints category you will find hunting motifs, parametric 3D wall art, wavy wall motifs, and sculptures that will decorate any wall.

Parametric Wall Art - Sculptures in 3D

Beautiful 3D objects that can occupy a room and attract attention. These can also be used as sound diffusers or acoustic panels. The special surface absorbs ambient noise and the optics are not neglected.

The infinite possibilities of the different surfaces, be it cubes, waves, drops, honeycombs or other geometric figures, enable every customer to find the right one for their living environment.