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The stag trophy plate is carved from high-quality walnut wood and shows off the trophy of every hunter in the best possible light. The trophy board impresses with its quality and workmanship and stands for longevity and an unrivaled wealth of details.
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Top quality red deer trophy board

Top quality red deer trophy board

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The stag trophy board captures a scene in which a capital stag looks out of the undergrowth towards the hunter. We attach great importance to a very realistic environment that brings back memories of the successful hunt. In addition, Bosnic.ART does not compromise on quality.

Trophy plates a craft from Bosnia

The craftsmanship of wood processing has been a great tradition in Bosnia for generations. The region is also very well known for hunting. It is therefore not surprising that high-quality, carved craftsmanship comes from Bosnia. Tradition is reflected in the selection of the perfect wood, in the right treatment and processing. In addition, it is also a matter of pride and respect for the animal to only produce perfect products and offer them to customers.

Years of experience and great skill create these high-quality trophy boards, each of which is different.

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