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The stag trophy board with the beautiful relief is the result of many years of craftsmanship. Our employees process the best walnut wood into beautiful works of art that provide the appropriate setting for a successful hunt. Because we attach great importance to the highest quality and professional workmanship, which leaves nothing to be desired and gives pleasure to every hunter.
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Walnut stag trophy plaque

Walnut stag trophy plaque

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The art of carving a stag trophy board, wood processing and hunting are long-lived and cultivated traditions in Bosnia. Our employees do everything they can to only process the finest woods and use them to create enduring works of art that will give pleasure for a long time.

Trophy sign deer stand the test of time

We set the highest standards for the quality of our trophy plates. In addition, our employees have many years of experience in processing wood. The selection of the right wood, storage, care and processing all flow into the creation of our carving art with the beautiful relief .

Because a trophy sign is always a witness to a successful hunt, an experience in the great outdoors and, at best, evokes fond memories.

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