Carved wooden picture of fighting deer

The wood carving shows two adult stags fighting during the rut. The already processed relief is produced in a combination of milling and manual work with a great deal of time. In addition, the battle scene adorns a beautiful 3D pattern around the image, which is also worked out with great passion.
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Effigy carved in wood with a deer motif

Effigy carved in wood with a deer motif

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The high-quality walnut wood is very carefully removed for the production of this massive wooden picture with the deer motif. This is the only way to ensure that the depth of the sculpture comes into its own and that the details are preserved and not broken off.

The walnut wood used is also the guarantee for long-lasting pleasure, high durability and the best quality. In addition, each individual picture is unique, because none has the same grain or texture of the wood.

Relief picture made of wood with a deer motif

The high level of detail and processing can only be achieved if the work processes during production are ideally coordinated. The work steps must also be carried out with the necessary patience. Because wood as a material has its pitfalls when it comes to processing. And our experts and wood artists work many hours on our objects with great love, expertise and calm in order to bring out the highest possible quality and beauty.

We use cabinet hangers embedded in the wood for hanging .

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Dimensions (outside / inside)

Outside: 58 x 40 cm / 22.83 x 15.74 inches

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