Bar hanger sawtooth for easy installation

Cabinet hangers are a popular choice for displaying a variety of artwork , including trophy plaques . One of the benefits of a cabinet hanger is that it makes mounting the trophy plaque easier. The hanging system allows the sign to be hung on the wall instead of being supported by a traditional picture frame or pedestal.

Easy to assemble with our cabinet hanger

There are many different types of closet hangers on the market, but we decided to focus on the round closet hanger. This particular type of hanger is ideal for trophy plaques as it is strong, durable and can support the weight of the plaque without sagging or twisting.

The round closet hanger is also very easy to assemble. The closet hanger is seamlessly embedded in the back of our objects and features a jagged interior.

As soon as the nail or screw is anchored in the wall, the trophy sign or our wood picture is simply hung up. Thanks to the saw teeth inside the suspension, the picture is plumb and securely fastened in no time.

Overall, the round cabinet hanger is an excellent choice for displaying trophy plaques. Its sturdiness and durability mean it can carry the heaviest signs, while its ease of installation won us over.

We examined different approaches

It is important to us that the suspension is embedded completely inside our objects, which ensures that our artworks rest directly on the wall or surface. It is also very important to us that assembly is simple, quick and uncomplicated. In addition, the load capacity of the cabinet hangers that we use is also a criterion why we chose them. We have only had the best experiences with the cupboard hangers and only positive feedback from our customers.

quality and craftsmanship

since 1989

The Bosnic family has been producing high-quality handicrafts for the regional market for years. We have finally circumnavigated the many obstacles that allow us to sell the products worldwide today.

We look forward to this new experience and the reactions of our customers.