Hanging our wooden objects

The right suspension for easy assembly of our wooden works of art is another detail that we attach great importance to. Because our personal experience is that subsequently attaching a fastener that helps the object hang vertically requires the right tools, manual skills or a specialist.

Which suspension did we choose?

After several attempts, several attempts with different fastening methods, we decided on a recessed cabinet hanger with saw teeth. Because it disappears discreetly in the wood, is very robust and does not scratch the wall. In addition, the object, be it a wooden picture or a trophy sign, can be easily brought into balance with the saw teeth of our attachment. No great technique is necessary and the work of art holds securely and straight.

The most important reason for us, however, is that we want to save our customers any work so that they can enjoy our wooden objects right from the start.

load of our suspension

We cannot measure the exact load of our cupboard hangers, since the nature of the wall and the assembly have always caused problems, never our suspension on the object. Many of our customers have already used it to securely mount large deer antlers.

This ensures that both our trophy boards , wall art and our wooden gifts hang securely on any wall.

quality and craftsmanship

since 1989

The Bosnic family has been producing high-quality handicrafts for the regional market for years. We have finally circumnavigated the many obstacles that allow us to sell the products worldwide today.

We look forward to this new experience and the reactions of our customers.