Trophy board roebuck forest life

The trophy board roebuck is made of the finest walnut wood. You can see the animal stretching its head through the bushes on the carved relief of the trophy plate. In addition, this three-dimensional motif was processed with great love, expertise and heart.
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Roebuck trophy sign made of walnut wood

Roebuck trophy sign made of walnut wood

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The trophy board roebuck with the beautiful relief deer is made of the highest quality walnut wood. Our employees invest a lot of heart and soul and great technical understanding. Because only with knowledge of the wood, a lot of craftsmanship, patient processing and leisure can a high-quality trophy plate be created.

Trophy signs deer with relief

When processing this trophy board, we attach great importance to not making any compromises in quality. Because only a sign that we would also use for our trophies makes it to our customers at Bosnic.ART. All the details of the relief are important. It begins with the detailed reproduction of the oak leaves , the small holes that let the background shimmer through, similar to a deciduous forest. It is also very important to us to produce the signs as realistically as possible with a situation that we have experienced ourselves while hunting

Because with our sculpture we preserve our memories of eventful days on the hunt. As a result, the hunter's joy in past experiences is preserved for a long time.

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walnut wood

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